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Starting from the business of distributing furniture for the world’s leading brands of Masco (USA), Blum (Austria), Suter (Switzerland), from 1995 to 2006. DTJ Group officially entered the real estate market in 2007, DTJ Real Estate Floor was born, honored to be one of the first 10 real estate floors established in Hanoi under the real estate business law passed by the National Assembly of Vietnam. 2006, with the mission to create a transparent real estate transaction environment for the Vietnamese market.
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Frequently asked questions

Here is the process from start to finish or near to the end of a real estate project to turn:

Investment idea + Land = Real estate products for sale

So short, but this process is extremely complicated and always includes 3 main tasks to perform:

  • Build an investment strategy
  • Searching for investment locations
  • Carry out investment procedures

In order to invest in real estate effectively, the project that an enterprise or an investor needs to bring harmoniously the following benefits:

  • The project is meant to promote regional economic growth and promote local well-being, society and culture
  • An investment project with a reasonable cost but ensuring the needs of a large number of customers
  • The project runs smoothly, there are few incidents outside the holidays

So for investors to effectively exploit real estate investment, you need:

  • Find a reputable consulting unit right after setting up a project
  • Clearly define financial problems and product liquidity
  • Human resource management for project implementation
  • Long time, need perseverance
  • The initial capital investment is large, it is necessary to have adequate financial potential
  • Legal issues arising during project implementation
  • The rate of return from effective investment projects is higher
  • Shorten project completion time
  • The procedure is completed professionally and quickly
  • Develop more relationships with partners and stakeholders

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